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We will design a single enclosure specifically for you that holds an advanced network controller, including web enabled management, control and monitoring.


The benefit of our system is flexibility. Order a PBR now and update its capabilities in the future when needed. With a basic physical design defined, you can choose your sensors and acutators based on your specific research needs.




Co2 Gas Sensor (NDIR)



E.C. Probes from 0.1 us/cm to 1S



Non contact optical density, high power IR precision parastaltic Pumps for top up, dosing or sampling

Red, green, blue. A no-contact probe that samples reflected light and outputs simple values representing different wavelengths and their intensities. With this data, you can monitor not only density of a sample, but its color change over time.


LED LIghting
Our specialty, many wavelengths to choose from intensities in excess of 3500uE


Network Control, Monitoring & Notification
Control any Reliance device on site or remotely.

Software driven, high-torque stepper motor allows for variable speed as well as oscillation or timed events. A strong neodymium magnetic coupling opens up the potential for larger/slower paddle wheels instead of standard high-speed stir bars.

Heating & Cooling
If only heating is required, we have simple silicone mat heaters, controlled via software and available in any size, whether the vessel sits on it or it wraps around the vessel.

If cooling is required, Reliance can provide a TE (Thermo Electric/Peltier Module) based solution, be it direct contact or pumped thermal transfer fluid and a submerged coil, we will work with you to provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution.

New Lid

No more screw-tops!


We can upgrade, replace, or rebuild every component on the ePBR, just tell us what you need!

New Software

All new web enabled software package allowing advance        system programming, remote monitoring and control.

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