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LED Arrays

Our specialty at Reliance is custom LED arrays. High or low intensity, small to gigantic scale, a single wavelength or the full spectrum....we can build what you need.


PAR Replication
Our PAR Arrays simulate the full spectrum of sunlight. The spectrum can be adjusted to simulate sunrises, sunsets, cloudy skies, or any other condition. The intensity can be increased from 0 to 2700 umol to simulate the diurnal sunlight intensity fluctuations of any geographic location.

Simply select what wave lengths are needed and what intensity is required. Reliance routinely works with intensities ranging from 10 umol to over 5000 umol.

Precise Control
Using the Reliance Web User Interface (WUI) lets anyone create extremely repeatable experiments, ensuring stable results over long periods of time.

Flexible Form Factor
and Scalable Size

We have built LED arrays ranging from 3mm2 to 12m2. Whatever size and shape is needed, Reliance will be happy to propose a solution.



This graph is a brief representation of our standard monochromatic offerings. Additionally, there are a multitude of white light emiters ranging from 2,300K to 10,000K or if you are looking for something more exotic, please just ask. We can supply anything from low UV to far IR.

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