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Sensor Suite Includes:
• Temperature (.1C to 50C)
• O2
• CO2
• Humidity
• PH (multiple remote)
• PAR (multiple remote)
• Optical (camera)
All can be logged as part of the experiment file

Mechanical Specs
Constructed from a void free non-metallic combination of closed-cell foam, RichLite (used as a standard Lab work surface), and epoxy. The chambers are well insulated, durable, and easy to keep clean. A flexible interior design lets the chambers be customized for a specific experiment.

Exterior Dimensions:     37” W x 40”H x 24”D
Interior Dimensions:      30” W x 24”H x 20”D
Power Requirements:    115-305 AC

Enough room for a shaker table, humidifier, or one of Reliance’s temperature controlled specimen shelves and a limitless choice of lighting modules, makes this chamber a good choice for now and in the future.

Solid-State Thermo Electric Heating and Cooling
No compressors or refrigerant, we use maintenance free Peltier Modules, providing precise temperature control from .5c to 50c.

LED Lighting Arrays
At Reliance, we offer standard LED lighting arrays or we can custom build an LED lighting array to suit your research needs. From PAR spectrum replication to UV or IR we can meet your research requirements, whatever they may be.

Advanced Network Control: WUI
Design, monitor and control an experiment from any computer or smart phone. Multi-point data logging, email alerts, notifications, remote monitoring, and off-site data storage.

Multi-Zone Temperature Control
Multi-zone temperature control specimen shelf allows for a temperature gradient to be controlled during an experiment.

CO2 Enrichment and Monitor
Adjust CO2 levels and store data.


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